DAM Chicago 2019 – Review and Feedback

Jeffrey Marino’s recent review of HSE’s DAM Chicago 2019 conference is now available on the DAM Guru Program website, along with a separate article presenting feedback from numerous attendees.  Covering a number of sessions, speakers and topics, his article reviews a good share of the event’s two simultaneous schedules and includes breakdowns of keynote addresses from a broad range of DAM professionals, vendors and end users.  Of particular note is a neat little film from Tyson Foods that captures the frustration of searching for the ‘single source of truth’ without a DAM system.

The full review can be read here: https://damguru.com/blog/dam-chicago-2019-review/

Jeffrey’s follow-up feedback article poses a series of questions to a diverse selection of attendees to the DAM 2019 conference.  The responses, from such businesses as Mayo Clinic, Amway and Chicago Symphony Orchestra provide feedback on many aspects of the conference and how successfully it reflected current trends in the field.  Topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Rights Management, Governance, Taxonomy, innovation in the DAM sector, and tips on starting a DAM initiative are also discussed.

The feedback can be viewed here: https://damguru.com/blog/dam-chicago-2019-conference-feedback/

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