DAM Best Practices Workshop: April 9th 2011, Philadelphia, USA

DAM vendor, Extensis will be sponsoring a workshop a the Museums and the Web 2011 Conference in Philadelphia this Saturday (9th April).  The presentation will be delivered by Edward Smith from Extensis and Maggie Hanson, from Portland Art Museum.  It will cover topics such as:

  • How to assess your current workflow and using that to define your requirements when you implement a DAM
  • How to gain an awareness of the solutions available and evaluate different technologies
  • Examples of best practice from successful DAM projects
  • Documents and tools that can be used for new and existing systems

The workshop includes a round table discussion that discusses DAM workflow related challenges:

You’ll learn insights from others at your table about challenges and successes they’ve experienced as well as share your own. This will be your opportunity to start networking to make connections you can maintain well after the conference. In the regroup section you’ll learn what those at the other tables have identified as the key take-aways for each of the round table topics.” [Read More]


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