Building a Practical Semantic Framework for Data Integration: November 15th 2010, Washington DC

Earley Associates are hosting a conference on semantic frameworks for data integration on November 15th 2010 in Washington DC.  The event promises to help attendees learn from the experiences of global organisations who have gone through the process of integrating taxonomies across the enterprise using semantic frameworks:

“What if your sales organization spoke French; customer service, English; and product development, Italian? What is the likelihood of getting consistent answers, creating consolidated reports, and building applications that cut across processes? Unless you painstakingly translated terms to a common language, it wouldn’t be possible. In fact, you do speak different languages—different parts of the organization have terminology and jargon or their own conventions that make it difficult to integrate applications and search consistently. Learn how a number of global organizations have handled taxonomy issues on an enterprise basis, creating a common semantic framework as the foundation for integration.” [Read More]

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