Best Practices For Adopting An Automated, Policy-Based Video Infrastructure, Webinar, 19th September 2012, 11am (PT)

DAM conference organiser, Createasphere are running a webinar sponsored by transcoding and video ‘content supply chain infrastructure’ provider, Harmonic on 19th September at 11am PT (that is 7pm in the UK or  8pm in Continental Europe – so you’ll need to join this one from home or stay at work late if you’re on the other side of the pond):

Media production and distribution have become more complex business processes with the proliferation of sources and distribution channels. Best-of-breed media processes demand support from ever more intelligent infrastructure that can carry policy-prescribed operations based not only on the asset’s metadata but on the intrinsic characteristics of the asset itself. A media-aware infrastructure can simplify workflows and complement the human team, reducing costs and minimizing the possibility of errors. This session will cover best practices to turn your infrastructure into an invaluable “member” of your production team.” [Read More]

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