Atlanta DAM Meetup Podcast

The Atlanta DAM Meetup group recorded a podcast of their last meeting where (amongst other topics) they discussed DAM innovation and the What’s Holding DAM Back? series we ran on DAM News recently.  The audio file is hosted on Elizabeth Keathley’s site, I will refrain from discussing the content of the podcast as we have been over those issues quite a lot now and it’s about time other contributions to the discussion were aired, however, I will echo what Elizabeth says below about DAM Meetups, in general.  As a way to access inside knowledge and expertise from people who are heavily involved with DAM at all the different levels it encompasses (and without having to pay any money to do it) they are without comparison:

As those who follow my work in digital asset management know, I’m a huge booster of the DAM meetup movement. These informal gatherings of digital asset managers to talk in an environment free of vendor sales pitches are crucial to the development not only of personal professional growth, but to the DAM industry as a whole. DAM meetups are where we gather to exchange ideas, hash industry news, and talk about the regional DAM scene.” [Read More]

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