Amazon Web Services Cloud Application Security Webinar: May 20 2pm (ET)

Amazon and partners, RightScale and HyperStatus have announced a special webinar on Application Security in the Cloud: Best Practices for Amazon Web Services.  The webinar is scheduled for May 20th at 11am PT (2pm ET, 7pm UK).

With a number of DAM vendors now moving to Cloud based delivery, the webinars should be of interest to anyone considering deploying a DAM system to an Amazon based Cloud Platform – or to those planning to use one:

The presentation will cover a number of areas, including:

  • The three key layers of security in a cloud computing environment
  • How Amazon Web Services ensures a secure infrastructure
  • An example of how to implement a management and monitoring framework to ensure consistent application of security policies throughout application deployment
  • Best practices to integrate applications with the infrastructure and monitoring framework
  • How to address five key areas of application security configuration.

More details are available on the Amazon AWS blog or the RightScale site.

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