Adobe MAX 2013, May 4-8, Los Angeles

Adobe are holding their annual Adobe MAX training convention.  We don’t normally cover vendor training summits, but Adobe apps are probably used by easily 90% of everyone who follows DAM News and the event is often accompanied by a major announcement or two as well.

The highlights appear to be the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Labs with lots of training sessions relating to various Adobe products you can participate in.  A few stand-out ones for me were these:

  • Building Mobile Apps with Web Standards
  • The Wonders of HTML5 Canvas
  • Multiscreen H.264 Video Encoding
  • Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Developers with Edge Reflow
  • How to Avoid App Store Rejections with Your Mobile Apps
  • CreateJS: Creating Rich, Interactive Experiences with HTML5
  • Zynga Multiplatform with Adobe AIR

There is a full list here:

Also included is an annual subscription to Creative Cloud – although my guess is that many of those attending will have the regular desktop versions of the Cloud equivalents (and probably prefer to use them also).  If you’re not self-funding your trip, there is ‘convince your boss’ section too with a couple of points like:

“I’ll learn from the experts – MAX sessions and labs are taught by the best in our industry. And this year’s expanded tracks give me an opportunity to attend sessions that are directly related to the job I do. I’ll bring back best practices – MAX attendees come from organizations (small and large) from all over the world. I’ll be able to exchange ideas and get solutions to the challenges our organization is facing, at the same time that I connect with people in similar positions and form a larger professional network.” [Read More]

One of my former bosses would have probably said something like “blah, blah, blah, how much then?” in response.  Well, it costs $1295 to attend Adobe MAX, including the “early bird” discount.  So it’s not exactly cheap either.  With that being said, as a way to get expert training delivered to everyone in your team at the same time, it does look like fair value for money.  The cost of attending needs to be offset against how much training expense would be incurred to do this via separate specially organised sessions with third party training providers later.

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