EMC Council To Offer Expert Guidance On Information Assets

A new Council for Information Advantage (CIA) has been set up by software giant EMC to assist businesses in realising the greatest value from their information assets.   The council, which currently consists of nine IT leaders of industry, will offer expert advice and best practice guidance on how organisations can both better manage and leverage value from their information assets.  CMS Wire’s Barb Mosher interviews Whitney Tidmarsh, Chief Marketing Officer, Content Management and Archiving Division at EMC about the council and its first paper, released at the AIIM 2010 Conference, entitled “Creating Winning Strategies for Information Advantage”.

“Everyone struggles to get control of the information flowing through their organizations today. It comes in just about every format you can think of, structured and unstructured, and shows no sign of slowing down. But getting control of that information is only the first step in the process. How do you then use that information to your advantage?” [Read More]

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