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MerlinOne NOMAD Webinar

Thursday July 29th, 2021 @ 1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern Time
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No metadata? No problem. NOMAD™ knows. Learn all about the power of our brand new NOMAD™ search function.

Until now, the only way to find objects in your DAM system was by searching the text that someone attached to them: but the #1 problem with DAMs today is the scarcity of good metadata, and even then you need to use the exact right search terms. If you are limited to text search, a lot of your objects remain undiscoverable.

That just changed: with NOMAD™ we remove that limitation and you get the ability to search by visually describing what you want to see in the image: a purely visual search, no text involved. NOMAD™ (No MetAData) is exclusive to MerlinOne, and is the result of 3 years of in-house advanced AI effort. This is search, reimagined.

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Organiser: MerlinOne (@MerlinOne_Inc)
Type: Webinar/Podcast
Goal: Not Specified
Ref: DN-EV-429
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