5 Reasons Photographers Should Take Note Of The iPad

Writing on the JMG Galleries blog, Jim Goldstein discusses 5 reasons why photographers need to be interested in the iPad:

  1. It’s more than an iPod Touch.
  2. The highly advanced interactivity and transformation user experience.
  3. New opportunities to publish content.
  4. The impact that Apple’s conventions for navigating and viewing content will have on other devices.
  5. The touchscreen will revolutionise interaction more than the mouse.

The last point is a touch contentious and certainly the ‘soft keyboard’ on any of the ‘i’ devices won’t revolutionise my own writing activities – apart from dramatically reducing the amount of copy I am able to generate.  However, Jim makes some reasonable points and it is true to say that the iPad is gaining some traction and photographers as well as DAM software vendors will need to take note of its progress.

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