Excuses, Excuses…Top Reasons Why Some Businesses Don’t Do DAM

Despite living in the information age, why are there still businesses who opt not to use digital asset management software to keep track of their media assets?  As strange as this may sound in an era overloaded by digital media and other business data, some management teams have yet to rein in their organisation’s precious assets, identifies Henrik de Gyor in a recent blog article.

According to de Gyor, reasons range from complacency  That involves work, so we’ll continue doing things the same way we’ve been doing it since 1989.” to budgetary We can’t spend on anything, including tools that will save time and money”.  However the author warns against resting on your business laurels, especially in the current economic climate:

“Save your organization’s assets, time and money. Get a DAM solution for your organization’s business needs for now and the future. How much time will your organization waste recreating or reacquiring the same thing again? DAM helps put an end to that and bring more consistency using workflows for assets.” 

He concludes with a stark warning, “The longer it takes an organization to realize they are accumulating digital assets in silos and not managing them properly, the harder it will be to manage those legacy digital assets in the future.” 

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