Updated Digital Asset Management Glossary

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about DAM Glossaries and also my employer donated an existing one to DAM News to ensure development of it would progress.  At the time this wasn’t much more than a basic list of terms with some manually coded anchor links between them.  Over the last few months, myself and some others involved in DAM News have developed an updated Digital Asset Management Glossary.  This is now available here: http://damglossary.org/

We have added a few different features to this:

  • A-Z filtering
  • Taxonomy filtering
  • Predictive text search (‘starts with’ and full text)
  • Broader, narrower and related terms
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Version history
  • Term discussion
  • XML and JSON API (a JQuery plug-in to use the terms on your own site coming soon)

Some of the older terms have been updated or removed and we have started adding newer entries – although there is an almost limitless supply of new definitions which both could and should be added.  The DAM glossary is completely free to use, registration is required to comment or rate terms (this is more to prevent spam than anything) and also for anyone who wants to become an editor.

On that subject, one of the other major features that has been added is the ability for collective adding or editing of the terms.  The editing features include:

  • Hierarchical term editor as well as A-Z list
  • Drag and drop to move terms around the taxonomy
  • Bidirectional adding of related and sibling terms
  • Multi-lingual support  is available (but so far no translations)

I am aware that Henrik DeGyor and others have described the need for an industry-wide DAM glossary.  Since this is non-commercial and collectively edited, I believe that meets this objective, so I would request that those with an interest in assisting with this endeavour should register as regular users, then contact us and we will explain more.  We are permitting representatives of commercial interests like vendors, consultants or analysts to participate, but (needless to say) spam or biased editing will not be tolerated.

I will report back on DAM News at regular intervals about what sort of cross-industry participation we are getting.  This should be an ideal opportunity for anyone who has been dissatisfied with current attempts at DAM glossaries to get actively involved and finally address this issue in a more comprehensive and inclusive manner.

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One comment

  • This is s much more than just a list of terms. You folks have one a great job at making it a usable digital asset management resource. It’s nice to look at, easy to use and I’m really hoping the comments section starts to provide some interesting discussions on the origins of these terms and where the confusion lies.

    Nicely done and thank you!

    David Diamond
    Director of Global Marketing
    Picturepark DAM

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