Christmas Gifts For DAM Professionals: Western Digital 2TB External Hard Drive

If there’s one piece of kit any serious DAM pro needs, it’s a lot of storage to retain all of those precious digital assets. ¬†Even if you use a DAM provided by a service provider or your organisation’s own enterprise installed DAM system, having a decent amount of capacity to move larger media around quickly, personal backups or for shifting larger assets off your main storage.

External hard drives have got cheap and reliable enough in recent years for practical use and this Western Digital 2TB Elements External Drive is a must have purchase if you’re involved in the sharp-end of DAM, whether personally, professionally or both:

WD Elements USB 2.0 external hard drive is an easy-to-use, reliable way to add more storage to your PC or Macintosh. Simply plug it in to a USB port and start saving or backing up your photos, music, video, and files. It’s preformatted for immediate use so there’s no software or CD to load. The compact, durable metal case provides extra data protection helping keep data safe from loss.” [Read More]

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