Featured Job – Videotape Ingest Specialist, Paramount – 1st December 2023

This week’s highlighted position is for a Videotape Ingest Specialist with US film and video streaming service provider Paramount.  Working on a contract/freelance basis, the role’s key responsibility will be to digitize and catalogue analogue videotapes for ingestion into the company’s Media Asset Management (MAM) system (AVID).  Duties will require a strong working knowledge of both analogue and digital video formats (Beta, 1″ and 2″ tape, MPEG, XDCAM), compression and transcoding, and the ability to monitor and asses the quality of digitized content.  Additional tasks include metadata management, basic video and audio restoration, archival processes, and ensuring the quality and accuracy of corresponding digital records.

The Videotape Ingest Specialist plays a crucial role in preserving and managing our valuable video content. They are responsible for digitizing and ingesting analogue videotapes into digital formats, ensuring their accessibility, quality, and long-term preservation. This position requires expertise in common VTR (Video Tape Recorder) formats, encoding, and file formats.”  [Read More]

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