Featured Job – Subject Matter and Curriculum Writer, NorQuest – 17th December 2021

This week’s job opportunity is for a Digital Asset Management Subject Matter and Curriculum Writer with NorQuest College in Edmonton, Canada.  As part of the Autism CanTech! program, the successful candidate will be responsible for developing and delivering a 7-week curriculum-based teaching programme, covering all aspects of Digital Asset Management, from upload, ingestion, categorisation, and metadata through to data migration, rights management, user and group access permissions and general management and maintenance of DAM systems as a whole.  Additional duties will involve preparing and facilitating a Digital Asset Management curriculum for both online and in-person classrooms, including answering student questions, scheduling activities, and monitoring pupil attendance, participation and performance.

The Autism CanTech! program provides Autistic Youth with robust supports and training to succeed in their careers. The program develops practical and job-transferable skills in preparation for work placements in a wide variety of tech related positions.  Our courses give participants an opportunity to practice work place skills with the guidance of an instructor and career coach.”  [Read More]

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