Featured Job – Senior Digital Strategist and AEM Developer, WNDYR – 9th February 2024

This week’s featured opening is for a Senior Digital Strategist and AEM Developer with digital transformation services provider WNDYR.  Operating out of Texas, with remote working options available, the successful candidate is expected to have at least 8 years’ experience as a DAM strategist, content librarian or product owner.  The role will encompass a diverse range of disciplines incorporating leadership duties, consultancy, driving development of the organisation’s Digital Asset Management strategy, acting as an Adobe AEM developer to customise and streamline numerous processes including tagging, transcoding, metadata management, efficient digital asset retrieval and delivery, and integration with third-party services such as marketing and content delivery networks.  Applicants must have a strong technical background with a working knowledge of APIs, SaaS, CMS, cloud services, migrating data, and integrating complex systems.

As a go-getter, you want to marry your senior-level digital strategy experience and expert AEM developer expertise to build a practice from playbook creation through successful customer delivery.  Working closely with our VP Service Delivery and VP Sales,  you’ll be the master behind the co-creation of our AEM Assets offering. This  includes the initial build and iterations of our delivery playbooks, influencing and aligning with pre-sales activity, education and empowerment of our existing team and delivery excellence to a defined outcome that sees our customers impressed and empowered.”  [Read More]

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