Featured Job – Senior Digital Content Operations Manager, Channel 4 – 10th May 2024

This week’s highlighted position is for a Senior Digital Content Operations Manager with UK public television broadcaster Channel 4.  The role is a multi-disciplinary position with responsibilities covering line management, rights management, digital content ownership, social media, and digital media library management.  Key duties will include leading a team of digital content specialists in the creation and distribution of digital content, working closely with rights, legal, compliance, platform, and analytics.  Additional tasks will include overseeing complex rights management workflows, ensuring that content across multiple social media channels is correctly tracked, monetised, optimised, and reported. The successful candidate will also be responsible for making sure that the organisation’s video and asset library and the associated tools, processes and workflows are well managed to facilitate timely delivery, including tasks such as ingestion, cataloguing, metadata, naming conventions, distribution, archival, and documentation.

The Senior Digital Content Operations & Rights Manager is responsible for the operations management behind the creation and distribution of 4Studio content across all social platforms. Working closely with our content creatives, social platform specialists and Business Affairs’ Rights teams, you will help ensure there is consistency in how content is tracked, monetised, delivered and reported upon correctly.”  [Read More]

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