Featured Job – Senior DAM Process Improvement Professional, Humana – 10th November 2023

This week’s featured opportunity is for a Senior DAM Process Improvement Professional with American health insurance company Humana.  Working in tandem with the DAM Product Manager, the successful candidate is expected to have at least 3 years’ experience working as a DAM manager, content librarian or similar role, with a strong knowledge of digital asset management fundamentals and process improvement.  The key function of this position will be to oversee the management of the DAM system and digital asset lifecycle from ingestion to archival, including metadata, tagging, retrieval, approval, user adoption and optimisation.  Additional tasks will include monitoring and auditing assets, compiling reports, troubleshooting and providing user training and support, driving metadata and taxonomy strategies, and working with the DAM Product Manager and Workflow Manager to improve, streamline and automate workflows.

We are looking for a Senior Process Improvement Professional who can play a leading role in defining and transforming processes and related technologies, procedures and ways of working necessary to deliver a personalized experience reliably and efficiently. This role will work closely with the DAM Product Manager, MarTech Enablement & Operations, the Internal Creative Agency and Marketing stakeholders to implement best practices, adoption strategies, asset management strategies and tool integrations, including helping drive DAM-related enterprise strategy as a key contribution to our Marketing Technology ecosystem.”  [Read More]

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