Featured Job – Promotional Asset Specialist, Netflix – 17th September 2021

The highlighted opportunity this week is for a Promotional Asset Specialist with US streaming TV, film, and documentary provider Netflix.  Based in Los Angeles, the successful candidate will have a strong working knowledge of managing all aspects of large, complex sets of digital assets.  The role’s key responsibility will be orchestrating the flow of creative assets through the organisation’s Digital Asset Management systems, including upload, ingestion, tagging, and cataloguing.  Additional duties will include permissions control, user adoption, identifying potential workflow improvements, sourcing promotional material from AV vendors, and liaising with marketing teams and other stakeholders.

We’re looking for an exceptional Asset Management specialist to join our team to ensure timely delivery of a wide variety of assets. The ideal candidate is self-motivated and thrives in a fast-paced environment. He or she likes working autonomously and can both meet daily and long-term deadlines. They are extremely curious, detail-oriented, technically knowledgeable across asset types, systems, and technologies.”  [Read More]

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