Featured Job – PIM Solution Engineer, Akeneo – 20th May 2022

This week’s highlighted opportunity is for a PIM Solution Engineer with product information software technology company Akeneo.  Based out of London, the successful candidate will be responsible for taking on numerous aspects of developing, implementing, integrating and maintaining client instances of the Akeneo PIM software.  The applicant will have extensive knowledge of the project management cycle and planning enterprise level software implementations.  Additional duties will include RFI/RFP management, supporting account executives, providing feedback to the Product Team, keeping abreast of industry trends via trade shows, events and forums, and representing Akeneo to prospective clients.

Our intuitive platform is made to simplify product information processes and is designed for companies looking for efficient answers to their multichannel needs. Our tool helps merchants to centralize, translate and control the quality of the product information, leading to higher transformation rates, better SEO, shorter time-to-market and lower return rates.”  [Read More]

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