Featured Job – Media Asset Manager, Amazon Studios – 21st October 2022

This week’s highlighted opportunity is for a Media Asset Manager with American TV and film production and distribution company Amazon Studios.  Based in California, the successful candidate will become part of the Media Asset Management team, with a broad range of responsibilities covering the quality control, workflow, migration and ultimate archival of post production media.  Duties will include the reception, auditing, validation and delivery of audio and video files, working with the technology team on improving Studios tooling and DAM system, and identifying broader workflow improvements, As a highly technical role, applicants are expected to have at least 5 years experience in episodic and film workflows, along with an equal level of experience in project management and leadership.

The Media Asset Management team is responsible for ensuring that all Post Production Deliverables (for IMDB TV and Amazon Studios Series) are received, adhere to technical specifications, follow mandated file naming conventions, and pass Quality Control (QC). This team also ensures that all Post Production Deliverables are properly migrated into a centralized and accessible location for future access, long-term archiving, and preservation.  In addition, the team collaborates with the Technology, Delivery, and Post Management teams to establish Dailies workflow and delivery of Original Camera Masters (OCM) to Studios AWS S3.”  [Read More]

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