Featured Job – Master Data and Metadata Analyst, ASDA – 10th March 2023

This week’s featured position is for a Master Data and Metadata Analyst with Walmart-owned British supermarket chain ASDA.  Operating out of Leeds and working under the Master Data Manager and alongside Data Stewards, this role’s key responsibility will be to collect and populate the company’s data catalogue with master and metadata objects.  Additional duties will include establishing and maintaining an enterprise-wide catalogue, evangelising how data stewardship can optimise business and improve growth, standardising and documenting master data system processes, and collaborating with data governance stewards and data owners to define, manage and exchange standards and procedures.  Experience in managing data in a retail environment is desirable.

You will work with the Master Data and Metadata Manager, and stewardship communities, to ensure changes to Master Data and Metadata catalogues, models, repositories are reflected in a timely manner, in order that ASDA’s record of its data assets remains relevant, up to date, and ASDA’s data objects are catalogued and have documented consistent and standardised processes for maintaining them in the master data systems.”  [Read More]

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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