Featured Job – Lead Software Engineer – 11th December 2020

This week’s featured opportunity is for a Lead Software Engineer for multinational sports equipment corporation NIKE, Inc.  The position is to provide technical leadership to the organisation’s DAM platform development team with responsibilities covering a broad range of duties and disciplines, from technology adoption, design and architecture through to delivery, deployment and support.

We are looking for software development engineer who excel in team environments and are passionate about building cloud native platforms that can scale with the demand of our business. This role will join the Digital Asset Management Platform development team. This team is focused on delivering an Asset Management Service which provides a platform for solutions requiring the persistence, search, and distribution of digital assets across the Nike enterprise. The DAM platform is built in a microservice, container-based architecture orchestrated via Kubernetes for reliability and scalability. The services are predominantly written in node.js, with some components writing in Golang and Scala.”  [Read More]

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