Featured Job – Digital Taxonomist/Ontologist, Apple – 1st July 2022

This week’s featured job is for a Digital Taxonomist/Ontologist within the AppleCare division of American multinational tech company Apple.  Based in either Austin or Raleigh, the successful candidate will be responsible for defining, developing, implementing and championing taxonomies and ontologies for front and back-end systems across a broad range of channels within the organisation.  This leading role will require a deep knowledge of controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, metadata, mapping, and machine learning classification systems. Additional duties will encompass data governance, change request management, maintenance of taxonomy solutions, and collaboration with product owners, data scientists and other IT partners.

We are looking for a hardworking, leader who will set and share the vision for taxonomy, metadata, and ontology management and governance across the AppleCare digital channels. Using these critical backend capabilities, you will help bring multifaceted customer experiences to life by participating on numerous teams and multi-functional programs…You will also lead efforts to design effective content management systems and reporting that support the organizations ever growing need for important information.”  [Read More]

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