Featured Job – Digital Asset Specialist, MGM Resorts – 4th August 2023

This week’s featured opening is for a Digital Asset Specialist with American global hospitality and entertainment company MGM Resorts.  Available in ten locations across the US, the post’s key responsibilities will be to oversee the organisation’s DAM system, implement best practice and manage day-to-day operations such as upload, ingestion, cataloguing, rights, licensing, user permissions, metadata, keywording and documentation.  Additional duties will include the approval of internal and external requests, identifying workflow, security and integration improvements, and generally serving as the digital asset management subject matter expert.  A minimum of at least one year’s worth of experience working in digital arts, video, photography or DAM is expected.

The Digital Asset Specialist is responsible for managing and governance of enterprise-wide digital assets within the enterprises’ Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, WebDAM. This position will continuously and strategically assess and improve the DAM platform and ensure it continues providing value. In addition, this position is also responsible for defining and dictating agency needs for legal requirements, asset research, renewals, expirations, and process documentation to support the ingestion of assets into WebDAM.”  [Read More]

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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