Featured Job – Digital Asset Manager, Spotify – 9th July 2021

This week’s highlighted position is for an Editorial Digital Asset Manager for Swedish streaming media services provider Spotify.  Based in North America, but with the option to work remotely, the successful candidate will be responsible for leading the implementation and management of the company’s new DAM initiative.  Duties include scoping and implementing the initial DAM, along with common activities such as ingestion, cataloguing, adding metadata and tagging digital assets.  Additional tasks will include tracking and analytics, user onboarding and training, and collaborating with art directors to plan and implement rights management and tagging processes.

As the Editorial DAM, you are responsible for ensuring that all digital assets have clear standards and are managed properly and can integrate with other applications/services. You will lead the creation and evolution of digital asset management capabilities by developing a roadmap focused on streamlining operations, optimizing user workflows, preparing for optimization projects with ML (machine learning), managing/iterating on a global taxonomy and metadata standards in close collaboration with a cross-functional group of creative teams.”  [Read More]

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  • Sarnai Gantumur

    As a graduate student at SJSU’s school of information, I find the job posting on this blog that is saturated with industry professionals and experts, very valuable. When we’re in a classroom, we learn about DAM methods and what it entails day to day work. But we hardly know what type of opportunity is available and who is hiring. I would like to see more internship opportunities available for students. Most job postings list 3 years of actual industry experience.

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