Featured Job – Digital Asset Manager, Corsair – 27th August 2021

This week’s highlighted position is for a Digital Asset Manager with global computer hardware, peripherals and gaming company Corsair.  Based out of Berkshire, United Kingdom, the successful candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of the organisation’s DAM system, with a focus on adoption and maintaining structure, process and policies.  Key duties will include leading the planning and implementation of the overall DAM workflow, overseeing licensing, usage rights and user permissions, managing ingestion, cataloguing and metadata entry, and generating digital asset reports.  The DAM Manager will also be expected to keep abreast of industry trends and liaise with the marketing, creative, and product management teams.

The Digital Asset Manager has control over all aspects of the digital asset management system, with full feature functionality and administrative capabilities. You need to have a strong understanding of best DAM practices and be fully trained on the various features and operations of the library. The role is crucial for supporting DAM adoption and ensuring the library structure and policies are followed. ”  [Read More]

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