Featured Job – Digital Asset Manager, Apple App Store


The first of two featured jobs this week is a position working as a Digital Asset Manager for Apple’s App Store.  The Digital Asset Manager will handle asset requests through reviews and approvals to handoff and archiving.  The job is best suited to those who have a track record in Digital Asset Management, have experience of working in cross-functional teams, and who possess both a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

You’ll be joining a dynamic digital production environment and will oversee the intake and approval of hundreds of developer assets submitted for promotional use on the iOS, TVOS, and MacOS App Stores every month.  The Promotional Art Team is a key partner in the App Store ecosystem, and works closely with Design, Editorial, Project Management, Production, Business Affairs, Business Management, and Marketing teams to coordinate and deliver engaging promotions to our customers.” [Read More]

This job was submitted by Christine Reilly Harris who is Manager of the App Store Promotional Artwork Team at Apple.  Please contact her directly via LinkedIn if you wish to apply or have questions etc.

A full list of role is here: https://digitalassetmanagementnews.org/jobs/

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