Featured Job – Digital Asset Manager, Amazon – 22nd July 2022

This week’s highlighted opportunity is for a Digital Asset Manager for US multinational technology and e-commerce company Amazon.  Based out of Portland, Oregon, and working under the Devices Brand Studio department, the successful applicant will be responsible for the management, archival, and distribution of digital assets for multi-device endpoints.  Additional duties will include standardisation of recently migrated assets, metadata, tagging, and generally improving the DAM system’s search performance and functionality.  The DAM Manager is expected to liaise with the Marketing Tools Manager, along with increasing workflow quality, training, monitoring and maintenance.

A successful candidate will have asset experience, knowledge of taxonomy and tagging best practices, a strong understanding of file formats, and an organized approach to work. This position will work with customers across multiple teams and disciplines and as such requires strong skills, an ability to prioritize and categorize requests, and an understanding of when to escalate or loop in partners and leaders. As this role will be involved in projects with multiple deliverables and stakeholders, the ability to multitask and shift focus on the fly while providing a stable service is required. While this position is a key part of the sustainment of the DAM, it will also be asked to help drive the evolution of the toolset and an ideal candidate would be comfortable sharing ideas and providing inspired solutions that can increase overall efficiency for the larger team.”  [Read More]

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