Featured Job – Digital Asset Management Coordinator, YETI – 7th May 2021

The featured vacancy this week is for a Digital Asset Management Coordinator with YETI, a US manufacturer specialising in products such as cooler boxes, ice chests, and stainless steel drinkware.  The position’s key duties will encompass all aspects of the organisation’s DAM system, including the ingestion, tagging, categorisation, and delivery of a diverse range of digital assets.

Other responsibilities include assisting with rights management, working with the ecommerce team, photographers, and content creators, and ensuring compliance with metadata governance whilst developing the DAM system’s taxonomy.

We are seeking a highly detail-oriented person with a creative mindset and solid time management skills. Ultimately, this person is interested in providing an efficient and highly usable environment for our assets, while being a resource and guide for those who need access to them. This role will work closely with the Marketing Department (project managers, social media, designers, content producers, editors), and our eCommerce team to ensure easy access to assets in the DAM system.”  [Read More]

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  • I mean, how can anyone not be interested in a job post with two beers and a lime on top of the company’s cooler? I think this looks great from a marketing angle. I wonder if it also fits the corporate environment at Yeti.

    I’ve seen these guy’s products: heavy duty, thick, rugged, and modern. I have a huge wide mouth stainless steel water jar. I think it’s a fun brand. Interesting enough, in MLIS’ DAM, we are covering rights management concerns. Having a reliable and quick retrieval system is clearly necessary as some of the task in the job description is working with the eCommerce team, photographers, and content creators. Taxonomy is also covered, which can be intimidating. But I think working with past files/documents we can better adjust to the system in place. This job looks interesting.

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