Featured Job – Digital Asset and Content Taxonomy Manager, GSK – 30th June 2023

This week’s featured opening is for a Digital Asset and Content Taxonomy Manager with British multinational pharmaceutical company GSK (Glaxo Smithkline).  The position is based in Brentford, West London, and the successful candidate will be working under the Digital Fuel and Content Products team.  Key responsibilities and duties comprise developing, maintaining and implementing a best-practice DAM strategy, undertaking regular tasks such as the ingestion, tagging and cataloguing of digital assets, building, managing and governing metadata standards, taxonomies and naming conventions, and providing continuous evaluation and optimisation of the digital asset lifecycle processes.  As a champion for DAM, applicants are expected to have at least 3 years experience managing a DAM system, along with strong leadership, technical and agile project management skills.

As part of Digital Fuel and the Content Products Management Team, this role is accountable for the global platforms and processes/workflows used for the creation, review, approval, and production of content by Global, Regional and Local market teams. We are looking for talent that has a passion for the production and management of content, with relevant experience and has either local or global marketing and/or medical roles and is passionate about omni-channel customer content experience.”  [Read More]

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Image Credit: Ian Wilson (cc-by-2.0)

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