Featured Job – Digital Asset Administrator, Hasbro – 26th May 2023

This week’s featured position is for a Digital Asset Administrator with American multinational toy and game retailer Hasbro.  Operating out of the company’s headquarters in Rhode Island, the successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the DAM team, ensuring that all assets, including photos, packaging, artwork, copy and video, are maintained and prepared for final release.  Additional duties will include manual curation to improve discoverability (keywording, metadata, archiving), performing audits, responding to enquiries from sales, marketing and retailers, managing rights and licensing, and working with other team members to flag any issues or challenges.

This role will be responsible for supporting the DAM Team and current processes and workflows. Ensuring timely secure delivery of all approved digital assets for distribution through the content management systems. Completes tasks as assigned by DAM Team Leadership. Requires strong digital workflow background and organizational skills, proficient experience with graphic software, Excel, and outstanding customer service as well as written communication.”  [Read More]

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