Featured Job – DAM Operations Manager – 18th December 2020

This week’s highlighted position is for a DAM Operations Manager at Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis. The job is located in Dublin, Ireland, where the successful candidate will be responsible for a broad range of tasks, with the primary duties being the management of the DAM taxonomy, metadata model and governance, and overseeing day-to-day asset migration and tagging. Working closely with the product team, stakeholders and the DAM Director, additional duties will involve improving future guidelines, workflows and standards, and identifying opportunities for automation of the content lifecycle.

Novartis has embraced a bold strategy to drive a company-wide digital transformation. This includes the development and implementation of a Content Management process and the supporting digital tools, including a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. This project is part of the Enterprise Operations Simplification (eOS) initiative and aims to improve our content delivery with a focus on simplification, time to market and cost effectiveness.”  [Read More]

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