Featured Job – Creative Asset Manager, Eurostar – 19th May 2023

This week’s highlighted opportunity is for a Creative Asset Manager with international high-speed rail service Eurostar.  The key responsibilities for this role will include managing, developing and improving the organisation’s Digital Asset Management system in support of Eurostar’s rebranding, effectively acting as the DAM champion.  Duties will encompass all of the common tasks associated with managing a DAM system, covering the complete digital asset lifecycle from migration, upload and ingestion through to distribution across multiple channels, usage rights and licensing, archiving, user training and onboarding, analysis and reporting, and working with internal teams, third-party agencies and stakeholders.  Technical expertise with APIs and multi-vendor systems, along with project and change management experience is essential.

You will be responsible for coordinating and maintaining online brand digital assets as well as maximizing the value of the DAM by promoting its benefits and effectively streamlining the ways of working, across several systems and departments.  You will provide user training as well as day-to-day maintenance of all the different modules. This role is a fixed term, 12 month contract base at our Kings Cross office with hybrid working.”  [Read More]

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