Featured Job – Brand Stores Digital Concept Manager, Jaguar Land Rover – 10th February 2023

This week’s featured opportunity is for a Brand Stores Digital Concept Manager with British multinational car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover.  This customer-centric role will focus on planning and delivering the in-store digital strategy, with key responsibilities including creating a proposal and business case for DAM and CMS, managing creative/agency resources, and working with key stakeholders such as the marketing, digital, franchise, and retail teams to ensure a consistent and efficient digital experience across all channels.  Previous experience in Agile/Scrum methods is essential, along with the ability to simplify and present complex information.

We are currently seeking a Brand Store Digital Concept Manager to support our global retail development team. We are seeking someone to manage the digital component of our Jaguar store concept, focusing on the elements that are consumer facing and have a direct impact on the consumer experience.”  [Read More]

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