DAM News Jobs Area – Posts From Subscribers Now Accepted

Earlier this week, we opened the DAM News Jobs area (which has been moved over from DAM Guru, where it was held previously). Job posting is open to anyone with a standard DAM News Subscriber account, which are free for everyone.  In addition to end-users, we are also now accepting job posts from vendors who may be looking for staff with prior experience in DAM (including developers, project managers etc.)  Hiring agencies may be permitted to post also, however, they must contact us first before submitting jobs.

As I discussed in an article last year, if there is a ‘secret sauce’ to effective Digital Asset Management, it is the people who provide it, rather than the technology.  The key concern given the on-going Covid-19 pandemic (and the slender likelihood of it ending anytime soon) is that once again in DAM there will be an expectation on the part of senior management that the technology will render the people superfluous to requirements.

As should be blatantly obvious to anyone who has been involved in the implementation of an even moderately sophisticated DAM initiative recently, this is very far from the case.  The role of Digital Asset Manager is becoming ever broader in-terms of skillsets.  If anything, more staff rather than less will be required because the scope of what end-users want to do with their DAMs is increasing significantly.  The prospect of DAM Departments has been talked about in the industry for quite some time, each year that passes, the idea seems less fanciful and self-indulgent than it once might have.

The fundamental factors at work with all DAM ROI equations is that a poor DAM system with a great human Digital Asset Managers will consistently produce a superior return than if those two characteristics are exchanged with each other.  The big question is how much will get wasted on DAM tech that isn’t fully utilised and subsequently fails to generate the expected ROI?

We are investigating some methods of including the job lists on our weekly subscriber digest email, but this is dependent on how many jobs we are actually made aware of.  As such, if the DAM community wants to get regular updates about job openings, some collective action will be required to make it happen.  You can review the job lists here: https://digitalassetmanagementnews.org/jobs/

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