The Politics Of DAM Metadata Integration

During the last week, we have been discussing metadata and DAM integration on our DAM News LinkedIn group.  That has prompted me to consider this subject in more detail via a DAM News feature article: Digital Asset Management And The Politics Of Metadata Integration.  The best practice recommendations made by those participating in the discussion are all good ones, but I have observed various ways in which they can get thwarted by political complications which those of us who are more implementation-focussed might not always be aware of (and fail to develop strategies to avoid as a result).  The main points discussed include:

  • Monolithic applications
  • Escape Pod migrations
  • Differences of opinion about functional boundaries.
  • Excessive duplication of data from related systems.
  • Application hosting decisions and security restrictions.
  • Misunderstandings and arguments between stakeholders

Anyone who has even a modest amount of experience of systems design instinctively knows that mixing functionality with different purposes in the same application is almost always a bad idea. The bugs, usability issues, training and all the other numerous issues that IT systems are subject to is made n times more complex when unrelated objectives get bundled together (where n=the number of different business functions the system in question is designed to offer).” [Read More]

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