Feature Article: Part Two Of Who Needs A DAM Librarian?

Deborah Fanslow, has provided us with the eagerly anticipated (and very well received) second part of her DAM News feature article: Who Needs a DAM Librarian?  In Part II: Information Professionals: A Field Guide she continues her detailed analysis by describing the disciplines and fields that information management is composed of and where is DAM is placed within them:

This guide will help you determine the type of information professionals you may encounter out in the wild. Should you set your sights on a desirable information professional and want to land one to help you get your digital assets in gear, you will be well equipped to understand the underlying skills that are endemic to all professionals within the information management family, as well as the domain specific skills that individual specimens are likely to possess as members of a specific species. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to leverage the skills of the specimen at hand most effectively to create an ongoing, cohesive information strategy within your organization.” [Read More]

The DAM Foundation salary survey is also mentioned in the above item, so I should also mention that I believe they are still looking for more participants.

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