Extensis Publish Enterprise DAM Technology Whitepaper

One of our featured vendors, Extensis, have published a whitepaper: “Enterprise Digital Asset Management Technology”.  The report covers various enterprise oriented topics such as integrating with Active Directory, APIs,  and scaling up using clustered batch processing or transcoding facilities to generate proxies and associated assets in multiple formats:

For DAM to reach its full potential, the benefits of digital asset management must be leveraged throughout the enterprise. To that end, Extensis has created a free Enterprise Digital Asset Management Technology Whitepaper that describes key technologies for integrating DAM into your business.” [Read More]

It is free to download (and no registration is required either).  The paper is written by Edward Smith, who also contributes to CMSWire.com and (in my opinion) is one of the few decent non-neutral writers in the DAM technology industry that a) seems to know what he’s talking about and b) acknowledges that it’s better not to be pitching corny sales lines about how marvellous you and your products are all the time.

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