Curation In The Cloud: JISC Whitepaper

The UK’s JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) who provide information and leadership on digital technologies for education and research have published a whitepaper: Curation in the Cloud which considers the opportunities and risks of using Cloud infrastructure services for digital preservation and research:

Digital curation involves a wide range of activities, many of which may be suitable for deployment within a cloud environment. These range from infrequent, resource-intensive tasks which will benefit from the ability to rapidly provision resources, to day-to-day collaborative activities which can be facilitated by networked cloud services. Associated benefits are offset by risks such as loss of data or service level, legal and governance incompatibilities and transfer bottlenecks.” [Read More]

The paper is written by Brian Aitken, Patrick McCann, Andrew McHugh and Kerry Miller.

It does appear to us at DAM News that while many have highlighted the benefits of Cloud platforms, there has not been a sufficiently rigorous analysis of the risks involved and any strategies that can be used to minimise them (by academic institutions and businesses alike).  JISC are widely respected globally as well as the UK, so it is very welcome that this paper has been made freely available for anyone to download.  There is a direct link to the PDF here.

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