Cloud Computing And Geo Apps

In a recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog post, Jinesh Varia discusses the role of the Cloud and how it is well suited to supporting the needs of “Geo Apps” – systems that leverage geographical data (often publicly available) and social media concepts to derive a new generation of Cloud Based GIS (Geographic Information Systems).  Jinesh discusses both individual examples of applications such as the BP Gulf Oil Spill Response Website and GeoApp providers/developers like eSpatial, SimpleGeo and CloudMade:

When I say GeoApps, I am referring to a wide variety of new and old ideas: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for enterprises, geospatial applications, map-based mashups, geo-data visualization and mapping, Location-based Services (LBS), Location-aware mobile applications, Geo-Social Apps and anything and everything related to geo-technology.  This new world of GeoApps will be powered by the cloud. Whether it is serving ads from geo-located tweets to Mobile phones or analyzing and visualizing massive amounts of geo-data in real time or even playing geo-games with a group of friends at a particular location, these GeoApps are going to be the sweet spot for Cloud computing.” [Read More]

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