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Bursting The “Cloudbursting” Bubble

by Naresh Sarwan on April 18, 2011

Chris Hoff, writing on his Rational Survivability Blog discusses his contempt for  “Cloudbursting”, this is a corruption of the term ‘bursting’ and refers to a technique where enterprises can increase capacity rapidly for a short period of time by temporarily expanding out into a public Cloud infrastructure:

Either you build a private cloud that gives you the scale you need in the first place in which you pattern your operational models after public cloud and/or design a solid plan to migrate, interconnect or extend platforms to the public [commodity] cloud using this model, therefore not bursting but completely migrating capacity, but you don’t stop somewhere in the middle with the same old crap internally and a bright, shiny public cloud you “burst things to” when you get your capacity knickers in a twist.” [Read More]

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