Big Data And The Future Of DAM

Ralph Windsor, senior partner with Digital Asset Management consultants, Daydream, has contributed another feature article exclusively for DAM News (to add to several others he has provided us).  This piece considers how Big Data strategies might be used in combination with DAM.  He concludes that while DAM is not currently of a sufficient scale to usually justify Big Data techniques, when integrated with other technologies, it could provide benefits that go far beyond the current major business case for DAM:

Where DAM solutions start to fall within the scope of Big Data initiatives, however, is when you begin to consider integrating them with other systems that a larger organisation might also employ, especially transactional Business Intelligence (BI) and web analytics data. Things start to get more interesting if you can work backwards from something like sales receipts for a given product where one photo has been used in a marketing campaign compared to an alternative where a different one might be used – and be able to see that data in your DAM when making decisions about what asset to use.  These present opportunities for DAM that are somewhat different to the currently accepted productivity case for investing in one now (i.e. being able to find digital media more quickly).” [Read More]

The article concurs with a number of themes that my colleague, Naresh Sarwan has touched on, especially the business implications for DAM solutions and how we see them ceasing to be independent ‘systems’ any longer.  Readers may also be interested in: Integrated Enterprise Marketing Technology ‘Essential’ – But Whose Platform Will You Do It With?.

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