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Digital Asset Management Whitepapers

The following whitepapers and educational resources written by DAM News editorial staff or contributors are available to download via our dedicated Digital Asset Management Whitepapers facility at


Develop Your Own Sustainable In-House DAM Consulting Expertise – Selecting DAM Solutions

Author: Ralph Windsor

Digital Asset Management is now an integral operational and strategic concern for most enterprises.  DAM solutions and the processes required to support them are fast becoming fully embedded in organisations as the volume and range of digital assets increases at an exponential rate.  In order to implement DAM initiatives, however, too many DAM end users end up over-spending on consulting services to go over the same rudimentary issues on multiple occasions, when they need to be building up their levels of in-house expertise so their strategies are more sustainable and of wider benefit than a single implementation.  This package consists of two in-depth educational reports, six months access to a premium account and vendor directory.

111 pages (across two reports), 850 page vendor directory and six months premium access

Cost: $499 until 28th February 2017 (usual price $799).  This report can be purchased with the DAM Vendor pricing survey for a discount and existing owners of the survey can upgrade for a reduced price, see the report description page for more details.


DAM Vendors 2016 Pricing Survey

Author: Ralph Windsor

The DAM Vendors 2016 pricing survey is a research package consisting of both a report and copies of pricing survey data collected from 16 Digital Asset Management software vendors who are all registered on the directory and who agreed to provide anonymous information about the fees they might charge for four common DAM implementation projects.  The report includes over 54 charts as well as advice for prospective DAM buyers.

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Length: 90 pages. Cost: $799.  An overview report with details of survey process used is available.



Digital Asset Management Hosting: Making The Right Decision For Your Organisation

Authors: Ralph Windsor, Nick Brookes

The choice of who hosts your Digital Asset Management solution can have a major impact on its effectiveness and overall ROI.  This paper considers the various hosting options from internal (on-premise), self-hosted through to SaaS and assesses the risks and benefits of each approach so you can arrive at a clear and unbiased decision on which is the best for you.

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Length: 12 pages.  Cost: $200.  A free excerpt is available.


Metadata Management Strategies For Digital Asset Management

Author: Ralph Windsor

This report is for managers that want to improve the quality of metadata applied to their assets. Three strategies for simplifying, educating and involving staff are outlined.

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Length: 21 pages.  Cost: $200


Enterprise Digital Asset Management: A Guide For IT Professionals

Author: Ralph Windsor

A comprehensive paper written specifically for IT professionals who must oversee the implementation of a Digital Asset Management System in their organisation

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Length: 46 pages.  Cost: $200.


The 8 Steps To DAM Success: A Manager’s Guide To Planning & Costing Digital Asset Management Projects

Author: Ralph Windsor

Regardless of the many specialist digital asset management requirements that organisations have, most DAM projects share a common series of steps that must be followed to ensure a successful outcome. These steps touch upon every project phase; from design through to roll-out and beyond.  This paper describes each of them and offers a working outline that can be used for DAM implementation projects.

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Length: 10 page. Cost free

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