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Digital Asset Manager

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LAC Federal Expired
Remote / Bowie, Maryland, USA


LAC Federal is seeking a remote Digital Asset Manager to provide technical support and documentation maintenance for a digital repository at a major cultural heritage institution. The Manager will provide ongoing technical support for both the Digital Asset Management System (DAMS), OpenText Media Management, and a digital preservation platform, Libsafe. The Manager will provide ongoing systems administration and provide troubleshooting to support users. As DAMS administrator, the Manager works with museum stakeholders and vendors to plan and execute system upgrades, patches, and fixes. Works with stakeholders to execute a multiyear DAMS roadmap to add additional features and ingest new assets. Maintains systems documentation and produces regular progress.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical support for the DAMS and Preservation systems
  • Work technical support tickets including system administration tasks (purging recycle bin, adding values to lookup domains, maintaining metadata field hygiene, resolving user access issues, etc.)
  • Participate in standing meetings with system support vendors and represent USHMM staff needs accordingly
  • Create and/or maintain up-to-date technical and system documentation for the DAMS and Preservation Repository such as data dictionaries, testing plans, workflow, and system integration points documentation to ensure understanding and consistent usage of the systems across the organization.
  • Manage projects on the USHMM DAMS roadmap
  • Measure outputs against project plans, address issues, escalate barriers to the project lead, and report on project milestones.
  • Attend meetings with stakeholders and produce documentation, including project plans, meeting notes, and progress reports.
  • Onboard New Asset Types into the DAMS
  • Provide technical support during the DAM governance process and requirements gathering/discovery process.
  • Consult with key stakeholders to produce with stakeholders to produce technical and system documentation, including workflows, metadata schemas, and system configurations.
  • Configure and test new asset types in the QA/Production environments.
  • Assist staff in asset staging, file organization, renaming, conversion, and initial migration of new asset types.

  • At least three years of specialized experience managing and organizing digital assets, implementing metadata standards, and utilizing digital asset management and/or digital preservation systems.
  • Proficiency with Google Suite
  • Experience managing digital asset management project
  • Experience in working with metadata for digital assets, including descriptive, technical, and administrative metadata. Knowledge of metadata standards such as Dublin Core, IPTC, or EXIF.
  • Experience analyzing and resolving technical issues related to digital asset management systems, troubleshoot file format issues, and address metadata inconsistencies or conflicts.
  • Knowledge of digital preservation standards and best practices, such as the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model, Trusted Digital Repositories (TDR), and digital preservation metadata standards (e.g., PREMIS).
  • Strong problem-solving abilities to troubleshoot technical issues and provide timely resolutions.
  • Written and verbal communication skills to collaborate in cross-functional teams and manage relationships with vendors or external partners.
  • Strong organizational skills to manage large volumes of digital assets, maintain accurate records, and ensure consistency in metadata application. Attention to detail to ensure the integrity and quality of digital assets and associated metadata.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience using OpenText Media Management or similar DAMS software.
  • Experience using Libsafe or similar preservation software.

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Employer: LAC Federal
Location: Remote / Bowie, Maryland, USA
Posted Date: 24/08/2023
Expiry Date: 16/10/2023
Type: Full-Time
Categories: DAM Manager / User
Ref: DN-JB-1416
Added by: DAM News Administrator
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