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Catalog Specialist

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Fullscript Expired
Remote, Canada

As a Catalog Specialist, you'll be managing and optimizing product content across our eCommerce platforms including Fullscript USA, Fullscript Canada, and Emerson Ecologics. This role will be pivotal to the success of a transformation with the integration of a new Product Information Management (PIM) tool. Over the next 12+ months, your focus will shift to adapt and enhance the way we manage our product catalog.

Supporting Fullscript’s supplier community and cross-functional partners through the product onboarding and maintenance process, you will ensure a clean and efficient flow of product data that adheres to Fullscript’s content style guide.

In addition to identifying ways to improve our processes and tools, you will help empower Fullscript’s Catalog Team as a strategic asset to the organization; identifying new and innovative ways to leverage product information to drive growth, improve customer experience, and develop new functionality within the platform.
What You'll Do:

Phase I: PIM Implementation Planning:
  • Catalog Management: Oversee daily operations of the product catalog, including creating new items and managing their lifecycle. This involves ensuring data consistency and quality from the onset.
  • Data Integrity: Spearhead data migration and cleanup efforts to prepare for the new PIM system, focusing on improving data quality and filling gaps in data attributes.
  • Requirement Documentation: Document new business requirements for the PIM to ensure no loss of functionality and an enhanced data management experience.
  • Style Guide Development: Lead the creation and rollout of the Fullscript Product Style Guide, establishing high standards for data completeness and quality for our suppliers.
  • Testing and Training: Conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure the new system meets our needs. Create and distribute a comprehensive suite of training materials, including videos and webinars.
Phase II: PIM Implementation Execution and Onboarding:
  • Quality Assurance: Transition focus from item creation to overseeing supplier product submissions, ensuring adherence to our quality standards and style guide.
  • Training and Support: Utilize your deep knowledge of the PIM system to train and support our suppliers, enhancing their ability to use the system effectively.
  • Training Material Enhancement: Continuously improve training materials based on feedback from users, making them more intuitive and effective.
  • Data Quality Objectives: Implement objectives for catalog data quality and accuracy, holding suppliers accountable and ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Feedback Integration: Actively solicit and incorporate feedback from suppliers and internal stakeholders to enhance the product data management process.
Phase III: Post PIM Implementation Change Adoption:
  • Advanced Product Management: Leverage the full capabilities of our PIM tool to manage the product life cycle, perform quality audits, and optimize vendor submissions to ensure compliance with Fullscript standards.
  • Content Optimization: Manage and review digital assets, ensuring that product display pages across our websites reflect accurate content, pricing, and imagery.
  • Training and Support Systems: Continue to develop and refine training resources to support both new and existing users of the PIM system, ensuring high usability and satisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement Leadership: Lead initiatives to gather insights and improve the functionality and usability of the PIM tool, collaborating with IT, product, and leadership teams.
Your Skills & Experience:

  • Adaptability and Initiative: You thrive in a start-up environment where flexibility is key. Ready to dive into challenges headfirst, regardless of scale, and drive impactful results.
  • Expertise in PIM Tools: Possess deep knowledge of Product Information Management tools, understanding their capabilities, limitations, and potential to streamline operations and drive business outcomes.
  • Data Mastery: Recognize the importance of product data quality—how accuracy, completeness, and timeliness influence everything from operational efficiency to customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.
  • Strategic Vision for Data: Ability to link detailed product data elements to larger strategic objectives, such as improving search discoverability, enhancing sales conversion through style guide optimization, and enabling advanced platform functionalities.
  • Change Management Proficiency: Experienced in leading change, from new process integration to system implementations, ensuring smooth transitions and steadfast adherence to new methodologies.
  • Analytical and Technical Acumen: Combine technical skills with analytical thinking to address complex problems, identify growth opportunities, and propose new directions for development.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Work effectively across various levels of the organization, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages sharing of ideas and continuous improvement.
  • Training and Leadership: Proven ability to develop and lead extensive training sessions, empowering users to effectively utilize new systems and processes.
  • Relevant Experience: Bring 2-3+ years of hands-on experience in managing the operational aspects of Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management Systems (CMS), or Master Data Management (MDM) tools within a retail eCommerce environment.

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Employer: Fullscript (@fullscripthq)
Location: Remote, Canada
Posted Date: 27/06/2024
Expiry Date: 08/07/2024
Type: Full-Time
Categories: Data Manager / Analysis / Governance, PIM / Product Manager
Ref: DN-JB-1888
Added by: DAM News Administrator
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