Why Does Your DAM Solution Fail To Deliver?

If you have introduced a DAM system to your organisation and it is not delivering the benefits you hoped it would, you might be considering how best to proceed and wondering where you can get some knowledgeable and impartial advice about how to proceed. If that describes your situation, we could have a service you might find useful.

Daydream can troubleshoot DAM solutions on behalf of clients who have a system which is not meeting their expectations.  We will conduct a review of your current provision and help you discover the answers to questions like these:

  • Why can no one find anything?
  • Why does the system run so slowly?
  • Why are not enough people using the DAM and what would help encourage wider participation?
  • Why can’t we find out key information about how the DAM is being used?
  • Why can the DAM not be integrated properly with other applications (and what can we do about it)?
  • Why are we having so many problems integrating with application x, y or z?
  • Which is better, paying for extensions to the current system or replacing it?
  • Is the system safe to use from a data safety and security perspective?
  • Are the backups and data management policies robust?
  • What technical or business risks are we exposed to with our chosen solution?

We can work with you and liaise directly with your vendor if you wish (including discussing in-depth technical issues with them).  The emphasis is on trying to find a resolution to the problems you are experiencing and if that is not possible, help you to develop a plan of action to move to an alternative.  We are a fresh pair of eyes with decades of hands-on experience of successfully delivering DAM solutions for organisations of all kinds and we can bring this expertise to help you and your current supplier reduce the bottlenecks in your digital asset supply chain so you can get more value from your digital assets.

A typical engagement involves the following stages:

  • An initial consultation (which is free of charge).
  • We propose how we will assist you and give an outline of the scope of our investigation and the deliverables you will get back from us.
  • If you accept, we proceed with our investigations and give you regular weekly updates (plus further meetings as required).
  • We contact your vendor and talk through the issues with them so we can advise whether the issues are ones that are resolvable or what other methods would assist.
  • An in-depth report with a summary of our finding is written for you, along with any technical recommendations for your vendor.

Our emphasis is on a calm, rational, evidence-based approach to investigating DAM-related problems.  We avoid apportioning blame or being adversarial with system vendors (or other developers) and seek to keep everyone focused on the most important objective: helping you to get more value out of your investment into your digital assets.

We work to a fixed fee which is agreed with you in-advance and will be a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new DAM solution.  Should you decide to proceed with a replacement (following our review) it will provide you with a lot of useful information to help evaluate potential alternatives.

An initial consultation is free of charge so you have nothing to lose other than a small amount of your time.  Contact us by phone: +44(0)20 7096 1471, email consulting [at] daydream [dot] co.uk or visit http://www.daydream.co.uk to find out more.

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