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When Technology Goes Wrong: Navigating the Perils of AI in Modern Society

Tuesday March 14th, 2023 @ 5:30pm - 8:30pm GMT

Artificial intelligence can tackle not only computational tasks like analysing data, but creative tasks as well.

And while the technology could have wide-ranging applications in our work and our lives, we also need to be vigilant of the potential dangers of using it, including biases, discrimination, and loss of privacy.

On 14th March 2023 at Devon House, Northeastern University London will host a panel discussion on how regulations, ethical guidelines, and good engineering practices are critical in the ever-growing development and deployment of AI technology.

Hear from NU London’s expert faculty across degree fields like computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, and bias and ethics; then, enjoy a networking session with refreshments.


5:30 pm – Arrival & Registration
6:00 pm – When technology goes wrong: navigating the perils of AI in modern society panel discussion
7:30 pm – Networking & Refreshments
8:30 pm – Close

Guest Speakers:

Alexandros Koliousis (moderator): Dr. Alexandros Koliousis is an Associate Professor in computer science at Northeastern University London and a Senior Research Scientist at Northeastern’s Institute for Experiential AI (EAI). He works on the design and implementation of scalable AI systems.

Alice C Helliwell: Alice Helliwell is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Northeastern University London, specialising in the philosophy of artificial intelligence, ethics, and aesthetics.

Tobias Hartung: Dr. Tobias Hartung is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University London. He is a mathematician with a research background in functional analysis with applications to mathematical foundations of quantum field theory, lattice field theory, and quantum computing.

Xuechen Chen: Dr. Xuechen Chen is an Assistant Professor in Politics & International Relations at Northeastern University London. Her research lies at the intersection of International Relations and Area Studies, including EU external relations with the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on global cyberspace governance and non-traditional security issues.

Sian Joel-Edgar: Dr. Sian Joel-Edgar is an Associate Professor at Northeastern University London who will speak on human-centered AI.

Yu-Chun Pan: Dr. Yu-Chun Pan is an Associate Professor at Northeastern University London. He will be speaking on AI in business.

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