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Beyond ChatGPT: Where to Start Improving Your Enterprise Search Application

Thursday May 25th, 2023 @ 4:00pm - 5:00pm

With the hype around ChatGPT there is the notion that all one needs to do is put an LLM in front of a search engine to future-proof enterprise search. However, the most important component of your search system is document retrieval. In this webinar by deepset (the company behind Haystack open-source NLP framework), Mathis Lucka, Head of Product, will share practical strategies on how to boost retrieval for enterprise search so that you can take full benefit of the strengths of ChatGPT. You will learn how hybrid search, pseudo-labelling and fine-tuning can drastically improve your search application.

About the speaker:

Mathis Lucka is a seasoned AI product manager, currently serving as the Head of Product at deepset. He and his team are building a leading development and deployment platform for LLMs in the enterprise. With a background in Political Sciences, Mathis has worked for the European Commission and has studied in some of Europe’s top cities, including Berlin, Lyon, Vienna, and Sarajevo. As a machine learning engineer, Mathis has once won a Kaggle competition - proving his machine learning skills in one of the most challenging communities for competitive ML against over 4000 participants.

Format: deepset.ai presentation (35 mins), InfoQ-moderated Q&A (20 mins)

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