Mikkel Ketter

Lead Project Manager

The first step to a successful digital asset management implementation is understanding the user’s need for a DAM system.

What companies/organizations have you worked for as a Digital Asset Management professional? What was your role at each?

At Pandora A/S, I am the lead project manager of the DAM/PIM project. The project was at a standstill and needed to be kickstarted.

I have also worked at MetroXpress A/S (free daily newspaper) as a production director and project manager. I implemented a DAM system for press pictures, workflow for outsourcing of picture cut out and ad production.

What’s the most important thing for someone new to DAM to understand about DAM?

The most important item for someone new to DAM to understand is how and why it should help you and your organization in handling assets and relating workflows.

What is your ongoing greatest challenge with DAM?

The greatest challenge I face with digital asset management is the time and resources to change the DAM system at Pandora from an archive to a real DAM system with workflows, interconnections and dynamic descriptive information assigned to materials. Short term is missing classification and tagging.

What was your biggest mistake with regard to DAM?

The biggest mistake I made with DAM was not involving the end-user and thereby not delivering a useful end-to-end system.

What was your biggest success with regard to DAM?

A huge success for me was a setup of cross-continental workflows with very tight daily deadlines, plus setting up a project for tagging/classifying of 50.000+ assets.

What more would you like to learn about DAM?

I am interested in learning more about workflows and assets working in a daily flow. I often see that everything is implemented to do this but the users end up doing workarounds because it is easier. I think it is a huge challenge to setup actual working workflows controlled by a DAM system in a daily production environment. I have tried numerous times and only really succeeded once, so I’m doing something wrong.

This interview originally appeared on DAM Guru on Mon, 30 Jun 2014. For more DAM News interviews, see the interviews index page.

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